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Post  Hitamé Ichigato on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:05 am

Something's wrong here...

Two worlds that were never supposed to meet, are now merging together. No one knows how this happened, it just did. The worlds have collided! The Kingdom Hearts Worlds, are merging into one world, as it collides with the Vampire Knight World. Heartless are appearing in Cross Academy, and students from Cross Academy are disappearing fro the school, and appearing in the Kingdom Hearts worlds.

Something in these students is changing, and they now are able to wield weapons from the Kingdom Hearts worlds! It may seem cool at first, but it is a lot of work and can be dangerous to control. Everyone is confused and no one knows what to do...

There is a great evil among this confusion... But it hasn't appeared just yet. When it does, who will you fight with?

Will you be good, evil, nuetral? The choice is yours...

Choose well...

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