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KIYOSHI, Tye-Character Application Empty KIYOSHI, Tye-Character Application

Post  Tye Kiyoshi on Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:40 am

Character Name: Tye Kiyoshi

Gender: Male

Character's Age: 14

Character's appearance,or picture: Tye has long, dyed, jet black hair. When the dye wears off, his hair color is sandy blonde(Original Hair Color). Tye also is the average height of 5'7, he usually wears black cargos and a white t-shirt. In school on the other hand, he wears the Night Class's uniform, which is a pure white with some black threads. Going back to his physical appearance, he is a bit skinny with broad shoulders, with his eyes the color of a deep sea blue.

Alliegiance: Night Class (Vampire)

Home Town: Cross Academy

Personality: Tye is a bit humble, and self conscious. He has little friends and tries to push any human away from him, because of his yearning for blood. He also has little control of his vampire instinct, when it takes over him he tries to kill anything that comes in his way. People may call it, "Multiple Personalities".On the other hand when he is knowingly conscious, he is very respectful and obedient. He will complete any task that is reasonable.

Weapons(If Applicable): Katakana(Sword)

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KIYOSHI, Tye-Character Application Empty Re: KIYOSHI, Tye-Character Application

Post  Hitamé Ichigato on Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:30 am

Accepted and sorted into Night Class Vampires

This application is well written
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