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What's going on?! Seriously, what's going on? One minute I'm in Cross Academy making my rounds with Yuki and the next I wake up in this strange town that's apparently called Traverse Town. I have no idea how I got there or why I was even sent there. But I was scared, just walking around by myself not knowing if anyone else that I knew was there with me. But soon enough, after walking for a while, I found Zero. I was happy and relieved.

While we talked some shadow thing, called a Heartless, appeared and I thought it was going to harm us. But at that moment another Cross Academy student, and my friend, Tye Kiyoshi, showed up and he destroyed that thing. A little bit after that Yuki came running out of no where and she said she had lost Artemis. But the bad news doesn't stop there... not much longer after that Tye lost control of himself to the Level "E" inside him and he tried to bite Yuki.

I couldn't just stand there and let Yuki get bitten by someone other than Zero and I fought against Tye for her. Zero didn't do anything while we fought, he just stayed by Yuki and after Tye went after me. I was afraid but I wasn't going to let him bite me. I fought back and soon enough the real Tye came back and he collapsed into a deep sleep. In which Zero tried to kill him. But I wouldn't let that happen either, so I protected him and Zero could've killed me because he was using his Bloody Rose.

But Zero gave up, knowing that if we died it would be on him and the Headmaster Cross wouldn't stand for having dead students. We continued to walk, Yuki helping me carry Tye and soon we met a stranger, who had this weird aura emanating from him. But he seemed nice enough although Zero didn't seem to like him. Not long after we met this man, by the name of Xemnas, another person, a boy, came out of no where and attacked Xemnas. I became so enraged that I was able to summon this weird Key like sword of some sorts.

I don't remember much after that and I woke up in the place where I am currently. It is called Halloween town.

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