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Post  Caesar D on Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:46 pm


This is a RolePlaying Game Forum Site based around the Crusaders superhero team and their attempts to keep a foot on the throat of evil. To stop trouble before it gets out of hand, no matter what it is: gangsters & criminals, evil corporate greed, international spy rings, mad scientists, warlords, supernatural evil and yes, even sometimes extradimensional threats.

The Crusaders and their Organization are a United Nations sponsored group that tackles all manner of Villainy and has their Rogues Gallery to deal with at the most inopportune times. Established in 1989, they've been in operation for over two decades tackling everything you can imagine from blue collar crime to white collar crime to international spy rings to terrorist financiers to warlords or terrorists and even stuff from other dimensions either by heading there or the enemy coming to them. The Crusaders have faced it all with strength and resolve.

Through it all, they have been the steadfast stopping point. They've chosen to be heroes, chosen to put themselves in the damage path to protect those less capable or willing to protect themselves, chosen to risk themselves and their lives to protect the average person so they can continue without worry in their daily lives. Now, no one is perfect and mistakes do get made. But heroes choose to get back in the saddle once they are knocked out of it and keep fighting.

Are you able to step forward and step up to protect those that need it? Come find out!


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So who are we really? ...

We are a superhero RP Site dedicated to Original Characters and not tied to any other superhero Canon. We are separate completely from Marvel, DC, Wildstorm/Image, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Top Cow or any other ComicVerse. We employ a Narrator system to help players stay focused on the plot while allowing you the chance to not only portray your character but have legitimate character growth that you can see and track. Please join us and tell your hero's story.

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Caesar D

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Post  Zack on Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:47 am

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