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Post  Hitamé Ichigato on Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:14 am

Hitame Ichigato


Character Name: Hitame Ichigato

Gender: Female

Character's Age: 15

Alliegiance: Human (turned Vampire) - Day Class

Home Town: Cross Academy

Personality: Being the youngest of the Guardians, Hitame still has a lot to learn about her attitude toward others. She is a lot more happy than any human turned vampire would be. She doesn't remember much from before she was turned at the age of eleven, and that causes her to be so happy. Her mentor, Yuki Cross, is teaching her to be a Guardian, although she might be changed to be under Zero Kiryu's supervision because she is a vampire like he is.

Being as happy as she is, he is starting to get that she is not supposed to show any mercy when it comes to the changing of classes. If she does this she will not be listened to and most likely run over by the Day Class girls, as Yuki sometimes does. She is becoming cold and unforgiving like Zero, which might also trigger her being changed to be under Zero's care. But unlike Zero she doesn't have anyone to give her blood when she needs it, she is forced to drink the blood tablets supplied to her by Headmaster Cross. Though her body is rejecting them, she forces them into her...

Canon History:

Weapons: Cross Academy- Bloody Rose
Kingdom Hearts- Keyblade


Eye Color: Bright red- changes to blood/dark red when she craves blood

Hair Color: Black

Body Type: slender/thin

Character's appearance: Hitame's Sample Application  T129612063363f1787c9325371936db2e4b311e565ab3

Who Are You?

Your name: Kimberly

How you found us: I am the founder

RP Experience: Plenty

Other Characters: Zero Kiryu, Sayuri(add on's from other RPer: Midori, Rizaki)

RP Sample:
Hitamé Ichigato
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